To Paris, for love

Okay, so maybe I didn't go to Paris for the kind of love you're expecting, but I did go for love! My wonderful and talented mother, Judy Newman, has recently released her first book - Quilt for life, made with love - with Quiltmania and the launch is being held at Pour L'amour du Fil in Nantes, France this week.

As I live in London, I decided that I would join my mother and my father on this trip to both support my mum and to get a pretty decent holiday...mostly on them. I'm sure I'll pay my own kids in kind in the very distant future!

I rolled into Hotel Henriette in Paris at 10pm and was just as excited by the hotel as I was to see my parents! It's simply one of the most beautiful and homey hotels I have ever laid eyes on. Standing in reception, I couldn't wait to get up to the room to see! After about 5 minutes knocking on the door of our room, I managed to wake my parents to let me in! I excused their delay given how much the 26 hour flight from Melbourne takes out of you, and quickly hopped into bed with them for cuddles. I was also pleasantly surprised by a wonderful gift from Mum bought especially at Queen of Fabric, a brand new patchwork store in Melbourne.

Hotel Henriette:

We were up bright and early on Tuesday and met Mum's entourage of stitching women and friends. Was wonderful seeing some of the old crew from back home and I met a few new faces too. After brekkie a group of us went to the Marais district on a special trip to a gorgeous little shop called IE Boutique. You've never seen a store like it! Specialising in the most adorable children's clothing you've ever seen, they also design and print their own unique fabrics! We took a quick detour via the most spectacular cross stitch shop too, which reinvigorated my desire to embroider. I held off buying anything here though, as I was saving up for Nantes! We then headed back to the hotel and I had a nana nap while mum and the crew went off on a patchwork sewing tour of Paris. I was awoken at 3pm by dad, who had been to the catacombs, and joined him and the other two husbands on the trip at a local restaurant for a beer. Well, they had beer. I took my sewing and had a hot chocolate, but I was very pleased with my choices!

Next stop, Nantes!

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