I am (20)16, going on (20)17

And it's January again! I genuinely cannot believe it and am feeling quite disorientated by it. 2016 seemed to be quite a challenging year for everyone, myself included, and I know many were pleased to see the back of it! Even before the tragic passing of so many wonderful icons so near the holiday season I was ready for the new year, but goodness me did that add to the anticipation or what!?

2016 wasn't all bad though, many positive things came from the challenges I faced and I started Emma Mary Designs! Something that I had never even considered before 2016 hit, let alone prepared for. Wrapping up 2016 was lovely as I spent Christmas with my housemate's family down in Trowbridge, lovely little town near Bath. We ate, drank, socialised and napped, as one is want to do in winter and at Christmastime. Her family was so welcoming and I truly felt like part of the family for the few days I was there. They had even bought me presents to open on Christmas Morning, which was an entirely new experience for me. I can see why people love it so much!

One day we went on a lovely walk in a town near by and I took many photos! My housemate laughed at seeing me be all touristy, but I enjoyed myself! Plus the scenery was so lovely, how could I not.

And then we wrapped off the afternoon with one of the best hot chocolates I've ever had...

...and a nap.

Of course the break wouldn't have been complete without a lot of sewing! I have many projects on the go for 2017 and will be releasing them slowly.

Some of them are well on the way and others are still just ideas in my head! I've been completely taken over with the process of designing quilts in my first year of Emma Mary and I'm excited to carry on exploring colour, styles and techniques.

Until next time!

Emma Mary

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