5 months in the making...

All the good intentions, none of the follow through! When I started this blog I wanted to post at least once a month, otherwise there seems little point in having a blog at all! And here I am, 5 months later, having not posted anything new. Shame on me. Though, I do feel I have a decent excuse - I've been very busy finishing off my first set of patterns to release!

A huge shout out to my Aunt who taught me how to build and write my own patterns in my design programs and also to my mother who is generally a huge supporter and helper of my patchwork.

Over the last 5 months I do think I've spent almost 100% of my spare time doing patchwork. I've completely forgotten what I filled my spare time with before I was sewing so much! I also don't remember the last time I watched anything on TV without a quilt-in-progress in my hands. People at work have started to joke that the sport I play is 'sewing'; much better that footy or soccer in my humble opinion.

Here are some snap shots of my quilts in progress! Looking forward to releasing them soon.

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